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How to do business with us?

Time:2021-08-27 Preview:190

The following Q&A may help you to initialize a request with us. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

Q: When can I get the price of the product?
A: We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you need the quotation urgently, please call us or remind us in your email so that we will prioritize your inquiry.

Q: How can I get the accurate price of the product?
A: The price of the product can be accurate once we align on the product spec (3D drawings in STP, IGS, X_T format, material requirements, finish treatment, packaging requirements and other specific requirements if needed).

Q: Do you accept the OEM of the product?
A: We have the capabilities and skills to support at any phase of your product development process. Most of our projects are triggered through OEM requests. 

Q: I have an idea for a new product, but don't know if it can be manufactured. Can you help?
A: To drive an efficient product development for you, we recommend to proceed the request once with a promising product design (ID). We can support to do mockup with the ID file (in STP or X_T format) and assess the product design feasibility with our expertise in mould design by providing DFM advices. 

Q: My components have already been developed in CAD. Can you use the drawings?
A: Yes, sure. The DWG, DXF, IGES, Solidworks files are the key inputs for us to generate quotes, models and mould.

Q: What type of material is best for my design/component?
A: Materials selection depends on the application of your design and the environment in which it will function. We can discuss the alternatives and suggest the best material for you.

Q: I've decided to go ahead with my project. How long will it take to get my parts?
A: The mould design and manufacturing process may take 3-8 weeks depending on the part complexity and the cavity quantity (single or multi) of the mould. Once we get the sample molding parts approved by you, the parts can be ready for delivery within 2-3 days.

Q: Can you accept a very low MOQ?
A: Our mission is to support our clients succeed in their marketplace. We keep the most flexibility in working out the best way of supporting our clients. We have the confidence of managing the best cost for your success, with our expertise in mould and operations.